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Our Masterclass will be the solution for you to pass your ACCA exams fast and easy using our practical approach.
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Do you face these Problems?

Repeating the same paper over and over again and don’t know what to do?

Must pass the ACCA quickly to gain salary increment and promotion at your workplace?

Do not receive proper guidance and support from your current tuition provider?

Having financial problems and want an affordable option plus easy payment plan?

Want to increase the passing chance at the first attempt to ensure higher employability rate?

Fed up with the services offered from your current tuition provider and want to switch to a better provider?

Programme Impact

  • Learn the full syllabus of the subject, exam techniques, real-world examples and revisions.
  • Develop the thought process of a Chartered Accountant to apply in exams and future career.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to apply judgement in every question test in the exams.
  • Develop professional writing skills to tackle Professional Skills Marks and structure your answers professionally, precise and concise. 
  • Develop to think like the examiner to spot keywords, tackle and answer exams according to what they want.
  • Able to manage your time properly for your time pressured exams.
  • Able to identify, score and accumulate easy marks that are crucial for you to pass.


A Complete Course

Covering the full syllabus, exam techniques and revision

BPP Certified & Award-Winning Tutors

TYMBA selectively chosen tutors with relevant industry experience, BPP certified and Prize Winner Producers

Unrivalled Learning Technology

TYMBAFlex is an all-in-one learning platform that ensures 100% active learning. Join classes, view recordings, notification, chats and track your learning progress all in one platform.

The Affordable Choice

Comparing with the industry, TYMBA is the most affordable ACCA tuition provider that provides various services listed.

BPP Tuition Solution Associate Provider

We are one of the first ACCA tuition providers to be accredited by BPP (UK) in Southeast Asia.

Trusted Globally

Globally, we have supported over 20 universities and organisations, trained over 90 tutors and helped over 3000 students to pass their ACCA & ICAEW exams.


See what our student says about TYMBA ACCA Masterclass
Lim Han Wei – SBL, SBR & AAA Masterclass
“If there is a very complex topic to be taught in class, the tutors will actually break it down to the most simplest form possible for us to understand and include real-life situations and scenarios for us to understand and relate to the topic.”
Arif Azhan Rashdan – SBR, SBL & ATX Masterclass
“Their notes are very simplified which helps me to learn much better and quicker and the lecturers also always give real-life examples so it makes the study much easier for us to understand which I have managed to pass all my ACCA papers on my first attempts with really good solid marks.”
Esther Chin Ching Yun – SBR Masterclass
“Usually after the classes I will do my own revision and if I face any problems during my revision, I will contact my lecturer and the lecturers will respond to me as soon as they can. Sometimes, immediately during midnight!”
Mayang Sarilawanti – SBR, AAA & APM Masterclass
“After joining TYMBA classes, online learning is no longer a problem for me as TYMBA lecturers are so interactive with all the students and keep their lectures simplified and easy for us to understand. I’ve managed to pass SBR & AAA in just 3 months time and passed the APM paper first attempt with TYMBA when most students told me that APM was so difficult with the lowest passing rate in the world!”
Hazim Nazril – SBR, SBL & AAA Masterclass
“TYMBA really focuses on the exam techniques so when I enter the exam hall, my mind is ready, my thought process are clear on some of the questions that we can anticipate in the exam hall.”
Muhd Amshar – SBR, SBL & AAA Masterclass
“TYMBA tutors were very helpful to me. For example, my SBL tutor always says that he is always available should we ever need any extra classes with him and I make an effort to ask for one extra class every single week.”
Aizat Suhaimi – PM Masterclass
“For me personally, I think my PM tutor is very intelligent and really knows what to teach. The tutor pinpoints the topics which are very critical to be understood for examination purposes.”
Nur Alia Sofea – AAA Masterclass
“ Before joining TYMBA, I did not understand a lot of things and how the process works, especially in Audit procedures. I couldn’t write it on my own especially during the first final exam and actually left it empty but after joining TYMBA, I realized my thought process has improved and I was able to write them full marks.”

What you will get when joining TYMBA ACCA Masterclass

  • 60+ Contact hours of Live online class learning the syllabus, tutorials and lectures
  • 28+ Contact hours of Live online class learning the exam techniques and revision course
  • All Live online classes are Recorded and given to recap, refresh and revise
  • Effective and approved learning materials provided (BPP)*
  • Additional tutor notes given
  • Support group provided 24/7 between you, your peers and tutor
  • Two (2) Mock exams with Marking service included
  • Countless Questions Practice guided by tutor
  • Debrief sessions for Mock exam and Questions practice
  • Classes are scheduled after working hours (Malaysia Time)
  • TYMBAFlex compatible with all devices
* Additional purchase required for BPP Workbook and Revision kit at a discounted price


ACCA Applied Skills

  • Corporate and Business Law (LW-MYS)
  • Performance Management (PM)
  • Taxation (TX-MYS)
  • Financial Reporting (FR)
  • Audit and Assurance (AA)
  • Financial Management (FM)

ACCA Strategic Professional

  • Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
  • Strategic Business Reporting (SBR-INT)
  • Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
  • Advanced Performance Management (APM)
  • Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  • Advanced Taxation (ATX-MYS)


TYMBA Education Group is a professional accountancy centre that promotes world-renowned professional accountancy programmes. TYMBA has produced over 3000 students to pass their examinations which are carried by selectively chosen tutors thus leading us to achieve global accreditation such as ACCA Approved Learning Partner, ICAEW Partner in Learning and BPP Tuition Solution Associate Provider in less than 1 year. Additionally, TYMBAQueens (Campus Learning) have been awarded as ACCA Gold Approved Learning Provider in just 7 months since our first cohort. Our main mission is to help students to pass their exams at their first attempt and create more Chartered Accountants that are well-equipped with skills that are required in the ever changing environment of the industry.